3 Most Important Criterion for Choosing Wall Paints

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“The canvas of our personality is painted with different colors and different shades unveil different moods”
Colors are the best expressions we have, they communicate everything in a subtle way. Most of the people agree that colors impact mood as they powerfully create an ambiance which we relate to. We are always surrounded with different hues, we find some of these beautiful and some not so beautiful, this is defined by our preferences which we make while painting and decorating our homes and that’s how our expressions are formed through these.
Often people are scared or rather apprehensive while choosing an interior color for walls of their rooms. They worry pick inappropriate schemes which might spoil the look they so desire. It is rather easy to pick a shade based on the following criterion:

1.What is the room going to be used for? Define the purpose of the room before you decide the paint of the walls. Is it going to be your meditation room, bedroom, guest room, living room, etc.? If it’s your personal space, a bedroom, you should use hues which influence your mood and make you calm and happy. If you don’t want all delicate tints you can also get a theme wall painted in a darker shade and put a nice family picture to make you happy. Or if it’s a guest room, you can use cool inviting tones which to make your guests feel pleasant, cheerful and relaxed. For a room where you want to meditate, the wall paints can décor can match your spirituality, and the colors you choose may be those which relate to your inner self and sense a of tranquility and peacefulness is conveyed as soon as you enter into it. This is how every room can have its own meaning and a distinct purpose if the interior color combinations are thoughtfully chosen.
2.How is the lightening in the room? Does the room has sufficient natural light? If not, does it have enough chandeliers and lamps to make it look bright? This is one of the most important things to consider while selecting a tinge for walls. If the room has bright light, darker tones will emerge out well and will not make it look small however, if the room is little dark and lighting is dim, it is wise to choose lighter hues of delicate shades to make the room look bigger and better. Darker tints in small spaces make it look smaller so a suitable scheme must be selected.
3.Is the scale of the room small or large? Larger spaces usually look good with both light as well as dark tints but for smaller rooms light or neutral palette are preferred. This is because the space seems to shrink with darker shades and gives a continuing effect if lighter colors are used. Rooms with high ceiling can easily take on darker shades and create a comfortable warmth. Spaces which have long narrow area look better with split color schemes to break the long narrow effect however, a single shades on walls can lengthen the space.

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