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5 Best Color schemes for a breath-taking living room

5 Best Color schemes for a breath-taking living room

The aesthetics of a house are not perforated merely by its architecture, but mostly by the deep imagination and revelation blended in your thoughts. There is a right way to do everything, and then there is this way of exploration. Explore the beauty of variation that can give a show-stopping look to your living room. After all, a living room should be Life imparting.

Conventionally Earthly

The mastery look of a self-owned place can be best flaunted with Berger Paint’s Brown Derby color scheme. Muted by the pale cream and palette of yellow or mustard furniture, the living room can be made the abode of reminisces and memories of the olden days. Imparting the look of ancient settlement, it makes the place look royal. Experimentally, add brighter or muted shades to achieve different looks.

Heavenly Contemporary

Houses filled in Blue draperies and cream walls, contrasted by brown floors and polished-black corner chairs, create a blend of intriguing taste for a living room. You can paint your walls with Velvet Blue or the Sky’s The Limit, from the Berger paint’s catalog. Additionally, a relaxing and comfortable surrounding can be ensured by choosing Kravet Fabric, brown zebra prints and accessorizing the floor with cream area rug.

Instilling Hues

Often, deep colors instill us up till within. Design a living room that makes a statement with rich, saturated shades, like dark gray and purple. Violet stirs creativity and thoughts. Violet Abyss, Plump Dandy, Brunt Chili from Berger paints can top your list. Living spaces can be made a place of purposeful heated and creative discussions, to avoid any cold look, designers can help you choose cream and contrasting furnishings, and daffodil flower vase.

Vibrant Vibes

This color scheme promotes the usage of Fragrant Rose to add a little passion, while Berger’s Sprinkle of Green, creates an organic richness and adds to the vibrancy of the space. The classic color schemes of pink, green, orange and yellow can be updated to Heavenly Rose, Green with Envy, Cosmic Glow and Sunita Sun respectively. These are the selected few from Berger Paint’s explore options. Mentions are no limit to your creativity, so explore from the catalogue for bolder expression.

Classic is Gold

A color scheme of red and cream, paired with classic gold furnishing for a traditionally styled living space. Berger paint’s Hazel Cream taints the walls light, with a dark maroon area rug, soft-fabric cushions and gold lining furnishings makes the living an epitome of marvel in your house.

Choose your imagination to carve your emotions! Paint your life differently.