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7 Color scheme Facts that decides the number of hours of you sleep and also your lifestyle!

Color scheme Facts

Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the eve. Sleep in the night. William Blake says it so, but easier said than done is a stronger argument. The time when this inspiring life-line quote must have been written, it would have been simpler to execute it.

I was jostling between the layers of the blankets, sleep would dabble me and a single whisk of air would render me awake.

Does it happen with all of us? The bustles of keeping up with the life of a professional and being a good child, good partner, and good parent is not easy in an era, when the jobs skip under our heels.

Night must be the time, we meditate to convene our conscious with peace. Sleep is the best form of meditation. Now I have the audacity to tell you, that the colored walls of your luxurious room are interfering with your peaceful sleeps.

The significant facts that can help you reconsider the color in your room, eventually your choices makes all the difference in your life-

  • Purple creates a sense of luxury in the room. But this color significantly reduces the number of hours of sleep you attain. Purple is mentally stimulating which makes it difficult to switch off after a busy day. It perpetuates creativity, promotes vivid dreams or even nightmares, resulting in you feeling tired in the morning.
  • Brown, sleepers get a sleep of 6 hours and 05 minutes and with the Grey color coding, the average sleep is 6 hours and 12 minutes. These colors render the sleepers awake in the middle of the night and keep them restless. These colors are too dreary and depressing.
  • Chris Idzikowski, Sleep Expert from the Edinburgh Sleep Centre said: “There are specialized receptors called ganglion cells in the retina part of our eyes, which are most sensitive to the color blue. These receptors feed information into an area deep in our brains that controls 24 hour rhythms, affects how we perform during the day. This interaction is supremely important.”
  • Blue, feel it! When you want an ascertained good night’s sleep, nearly 8 hours a night and wake up feeling happy and positive. Blue slows the heart rate and even reduces blood pressure.
  • Green and Yellow are next toppers on our chart. Pick up these colors and tick check nearly a 7 hour and 40 minutes of sleep. These colors makes the environment best suited for complacence and comfort. Green is close to nature, and helps to concentrate and focus.
  • Rooms dabbled in Caramel, proves to aggravate the passion of love between the couples. Couples are reported to make love thrice a week, whereas Red painted rooms only promote love-making, once a week. Love-making is the best remedy for peace, assure it with smooth caramel.
  • People who gave into painting room Grey spend most of the bed-time in online shopping, whereas the fifth of Britons who painted their room’s decor Silver are more motivated to exercise in their rooms.

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