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Contemporary Bedroom Décor

Design: A stylish personal space makes all of us happy and more comfortable. “At home” feeling comes naturally if you can also relate to this contemporary design. A geometrical pattern in décor is the first step towards a modern and trendy interiors these days. This bedroom has been specifically designed


“Colors like features, follow the changes of the emotions”, what better could justify the blurring of blue skies when your tears dwell in the pretty eyes. Considering, high time that you move from a swarm of bees, humming around in our neighborhood to a row-house colony where you will hear no

The decor styles that stayed

The driving forces of present day’s home design are dominated by two very simple factors: Freedom of expression and Personal style. Keeping both of them as the basis, a number of styles have been staying and leaving the home decor industry. While the industry saw a number of trends revolve