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Classic Earth Tones in a Contemporary Bedroom


Color Scheme:  We all know colors have an amazing impact on moods, perceptions, and interactions and this is why it should be meticulously selected according to the preference of the person who has to live in the room.

Here, two neutral colors – white and brown have been used as a base of the color scheme and brown is the dominant one. Brown is one color which directly relates to nature and reminds us of woods, growth, a sense of togetherness and warmth and comfort. It is mostly apart all the decors and one of its shades can easily blend in most of the color schemes for interiors. This bedroom has appropriate and gentle use of earth tones to make you feel close and cocooned.

To balance and keep the ambiance from becoming dull, one wall has been painted white which livens up space. To create the focal point the main wall has been painted in sky blue with waves of white and light teal and a framed art piece has been hung here to catch the eye as you enter the room. These brilliant shades can easily be sourced from any trusted wall paint brand like Berger Paints or another reputed brand commonly available in the market.


Ceiling: A false ceiling has been added to the actual one for indirect illumination. This makes the ceiling look radiant and stylish. This also produces a calming effect for times when you need to rest and enjoy some personal time. Switch off the main lights if this bedroom and see the ambiance and feel of the room turn into a relaxed, peaceful and comfortable space. Lights in the ceiling enhance the design theme and color scheme and turns into a fancy yet subtle plafond. It is one of the most important part which makes a room a room hence, it must be designed well as plays a role other than just covering the space and hanging the fan.

It makes a lot of difference to the overall design when it comes to interior and nowadays it is aesthetically planned with lights, stylish fans and chandeliers, false ceilings and paints. The style statement of these depends upon your personal choice but it must be a part of the overall design of the room so that when you lie down after a long day, all you see is aesthetically designed structure you can look at till your sleep peacefully.

Dressing Room: A small dressing room has been attached to this bedroom to make separate the living space from dressing space so that the design and layout are not interfered with. This also makes the room more convenient and all the storage space is amassed at one end of this beautiful bedroom so that there is no incidental cluttering which might look bad. This is why keeping the room organized is easier.

Hence, this kind of bedroom is a treat for the eye as well as defines the purpose of your personal space specifically to suit your lifestyle and make your living simple and hassle-free.

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