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“Colors like features, follow the changes of the emotions”, what better could justify the blurring of blue skies when your tears dwell in the pretty eyes. Considering, high time that you move from a swarm of bees, humming around in our neighborhood to a row-house colony where you will hear no

Get Paint your House, the Easier Way

When you are get paint your house,  you have a hundred colours on your mind. Your painter will keep bringing several booklets and choosing one colour out of them would be like the most difficult task on earth. Berger is one of the leading names when it comes to paints and

Paint Colors For Bedrooms

“Colors communicate with all our senses and speak a language which all of us understand.” It often happens that when we enter a room we suddenly feel cozy and comfortable, while other rooms make us a little uncomfortable! It is because of the ambience of the place, as soon as we see

Colorful Grandeur of Dazzling December

Colorful Grandeur

Colors floating in our lives usher the content of our character and spirit in the most splendid manner. December is when India celebrates winters and unveils its spirit of Christmas to reflect the shimmery grandeur in the most colorful way. It is the time of the year when most of the

Thinking to Paint Your Bedroom? Consider These Tips

bedroom colors

When it comes to choose options for home improvement, painting the house is definitely the best of all others. You can truly transform your house into a stunning masterpiece with beautiful interior or exterior paint. Painting is definitely the part of art and you can become more artistic in it.