Colorful Grandeur of Dazzling December

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Colors floating in our lives usher the content of our character and spirit in the most splendid manner.
December is when India celebrates winters and unveils its spirit of Christmas to reflect the shimmery grandeur in the most colorful way. It is the time of the year when most of the upper regions are crowned with snow and the chill travels in the rest of the country along with mist and fog beautifully.

Amid these small days and darker nights, the festivities take a rise to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We mix our preferences with the western societies of the world to enjoy the festivities in décor just the way we do it for food. Other than the cakes, fritters, soups and drinks, we also make sure the interiors and décor matches our spirit.
It is easy to enliven the interiors of our houses with interesting wall paints before we start preparing for the festive season. All we need to do is decide the paint for the house in the colors of our choice, decide which part of the house will be used for the celebration so that, that particular area can be made to stand out to suit the occasion. Colors like green, red, white, golden and silver can be used to reflect Christmas.


This is one of the most commonly used color associated with Christmas as Mistletoe, Holly and Ivy have always been used to decorate houses during this season. Green is also believed to bring prosperity and growth even in dark winters and signifies hope that season will change and yield will grow again.


We can have one wall of the room with textured paint in one of the shades of white and rest of the walls can be plain simple white. This is a neutral color and everything that is put up on white walls stand out. And it is also associated with winters when the snow covers colder regions to reflect divine purity.

Along with the kids of the house, tiny mistletoes, ivy, cherries, bells and gifts can be painted and an impression of the snowfall can add a brilliance to the theme. Having a Santa hung on the wall can be exciting too…


This is the color of Holly berries and that is precisely why it has a reference to Christmas. It is a radiant and vibrant color which can be used to highlight a wall or can be used in combination with other colors. If you do not like dark colors, beautiful delicate shades of red can also be used to paint walls.


Golden color is associated to the gift that baby Jesus had received from wise men and since then it has had its place in the décor for the season. The shimmer also signifies the grandeur and opulence and so a subtle shade of gold could be added to your wall to create a festive effect.

Decked up with magnificence, themed wall paints surely make the walls impressive and grab attention of the onlookers. Adding punch and chi to the interiors of your house, paints become the most essential aspect of your house making it look the way you like hence expressing your style statement.