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Contemporary Bedroom Décor

Contemporary Bedroom Décor

Design: A stylish personal space makes all of us happy and more comfortable. “At home” feeling comes naturally if you can also relate to this contemporary design. A geometrical pattern in décor is the first step towards a modern and trendy interior these days. This bedroom has been specifically designed keeping this aspect in mind.

Color Scheme: The wall paints play a major role in defining the color scheme. As an unspoken norm, the trend is to have three walls in a neutral shade, most commonly white and one central wall in a louder color which catches all the attention. This dominant color, like the red above the bed in this image seeks attention. This shade of dark red and absolute black makes space warm and elegant. It signifies confidence in life and buoyancy about the one living in such a room. If you have a strong and determined persona, such schemes are meant for you provided the finish of the walls paints is excellent for which you need to hire talented professionals from a trusted brand like Berger Paints.

Storage: Storage is an essential element of every bedroom so this room has a stylish dark brown Chester drawer which has enough place to store your belongings. Other than these six drawers to organize your stuff and keep it handy for you, you can also use the flat rectangular top to put up tabletops décor art pieces to suit your preference. Here a traditional gong and a cane stick art piece have been displayed to mix the traditional and contemporary appeal and bring out a classy effect.

Lights: Modern bedrooms often do not have sufficient natural light and this is why it becomes important to make up for this using artificial lights like CFL and LED’s in white as well as colored ones for some smaller spaces to add to the color scheme. Lights play an important role in creating the preferred ambiance of your abode. Green or blue lights create a cool atmosphere and pink is mostly used to give a girly touch to a room and red is used to create a cozy feel. 

Feel: Warm and cozy feel suits the purpose of a bedroom well, it relaxes you when you are tired and calms you when you want to calm down after a long day. Our routine often gets tedious and when we retire to our bedroom, we need a peaceful and soothing environment to sleep and rest. This room offers exactly that with its suitable color scheme of mainly red and black with a little dark brown for the warmth.

Rug: Since the flooring is stylish wooden, there is minimal use of rug for the fear of hiding the flooring. A modish grey rug has been used around the foot of the bed to enhance the grey effect to go with the black, as too much black would have made it darker and red has already been sufficiently used on walls, quilt, and cushion, and further use might have made it the dominant color failing the purpose of color scheme and making it look fiery instead of warm.

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