Contemporary Color Schemes to Paint Your Interior Walls

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When it comes to select a particular décor style in your living room, paint colors are said to be among the most decisive factors to consider. The colors you choose for your living room may change your mood and make you feel calm or stimulated and relaxed or energized. If you desire to have a strong impression at your home, make sure to choose a contemporary scheme. With painting and styling techniques, you may either reduce or enhance the effect of color palette you choose. It can make a design that is best for several tastes.

Contemporary Schemes
These color schemes mainly have two different contrast colors distant to each other as they are not intended to share colors in makeup. You may view a color wheel and identify the contemporary colors and search for two different colors which are directly different to each other on color wheel. Contemporary paint colors can add visual impression and catch the attention to your room. Some of the best color combinations of contemporary color schemes are purple and yellow, green and red, and orange and blue.

Split Contemporary Schemes
If former contemporary palette seems too bold to your style, then you may look for split contemporary scheme. It comes with less contrast and more choices. You need to have a color wheel in order to make a split contemporary scheme. You should consider your main color and another color which is located straight across over it on color wheel. Split contemporary schemes have two different colors on different sides. For instance, if blue is your main color, then the complementary color shall be orange. And the split contemporary colors shall be yellow and orange, and red and orange.

Painting Styles
With complementary color scheme, different painting styles can be used. There are different choices of interior paint colors. You may use one paint color as trim color and other as wall color. All paint colors can be painted but one wall with one color and remaining one wall with second color. This way, you may create an accent wall. Usually accent walls are used to show a room’s section with style, like near art piece or mantel. Walls of room can also be painted with one color and ceiling with complementary color. There are a lot of interior painting ideas for you. If you didn’t think about using complementary palette, then your room can be painted with one color and accessories can be complemented and colors can easily be changed whenever your mood is changed.

Your complementary color scheme can be changed by changing the tint, shades and hues of your desired colors. Hues are actually the color of paint like violet-red, red, and orange-red are hues. When it comes to swatches of colors, hues basically collect them. Shades and tint are the intensity of paint color. By adding base color with white, tint can be changed. The more you add tint on a color, the less contrast it will be. By adding black, shade can be adjusted on the color. Increasing shades can make color more dramatic and darker.

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