Helpful Ideas for Painting in Textured Walls

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Painting on textured walls is quite challenging but it comes with great opportunity to you and you can try out some of the faux techniques of painting, like glazing or color washing. To give proper interest and depth to your walls, you may emphasize the texture and make them weathered stucco and sun-bathed plaster. Use glazes and specialty paints, like pearl or metallic finish, in order to have more sophisticated texture on walls.

Woolly Rollers and Sheepskin Pads
With woolly rollers and sheepskin pads, apply a color-washing liquid or glaze to have a softer look as compared to regular brushing. It can dramatically reduce the look of rough walls as ridges can be softened by subtle finish from the texture colors. You may find different applicators from craft and paint stores and get diffuse feel.

Color Washing & Glazing
This technique can easily be done in which paint is thinned down with either water-based or oil-based water or glaze and applied over the main color with rags or old brush. The base color is basically the medium shade and the glazed color is deeper edition of base color. As a result, the finish is subtle or dramatic, according to the amount of paint added to medium. The wall texture is highlighted with this technique and white trim makes it looking good.

Specialty Paints
They are applied directly from the can or thinned on the glaze. Both pearl and metallic paints look sophisticated and dramatic. Though they look irresistible in a large area, they look beautiful in hall bathroom or any small area.

On paint, either sea or synthetic sponges are used to make layers of colors to have richer look. It basically looks great if you add different shades of same color than layering various colors to get a ‘busy’ or muddy look on walls. You may get started with painting medium base colors on the walls and apply about 3 layers of paint with both lighter and darker shades of texture paint colors.

Paint Sheen
Paint comes in different gloss levels, from flat to high, and sheens. Having higher gloss levels means having more highlighted textured walls, typically in bright room.

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