Helpful Tips to Match Paint Color for Interior Wall

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With a bit of knowhow about paint colors and ideal tools, you are likely to find the perfect match for paint color of interior walls. First of all, you should clean walls to ensure viewing the real paint color. While comparing the sample colors or taking pictures, lighting is an essential element. You can have more accurate color with indirect natural lighting. The way to apply the paint also changes the appearance. So, it is better to use best tools to get best results.

Match the Colors on Your Own
If you are confident enough to scrutinize the colors and recreate the desired wall color, you can match the color with eye. Cut two little squares from side to side to create a prop from a white paper sheet for doing it effectively. Collect different samples of paint chip in hues like your wall paint color from local stores. Hold the prop off the wall and slip the chip behind the squares. Compare the wall color with other cutout.

Sample of Colors
Peel off paint strip by 2 to 3 inches with a knife or small drywall pieces of 2×2 inches from subtle area of wall. Carry that sample to the local home improvement or paint store. Then the experts over there will use spectrophotometer or other gadgets to scan your sample and determine the accurate pigments required for making perfect match. Then the paint store will blend custom color.

Software Program
Smartphone apps for matching interior wall painting colors are offered by some major paint manufacturers. You may create your own color schemes. All you have to snap a picture of your home interiors and crop the photo focusing on your desired colors. Select a specific color by dragging along the screen. At the bottom of screen, a paint strip appears which presents ideal matches for your desired color in interior wall coatings.

Upon completion of the process, you should consider lighting. Remember, too much or too little lighting is likely to make changes in colors of objects and accurate matching suggestions may not be determined by the program.

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