How to Preview the Color Schemes before Painting

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Suppose you have to decide the paint colors for exterior walls without heading to the paint store. Prior to dealing with the swatches of painting test on siding and heading to the paint store to buy paint colors, it is now possible to test large variety of colors for exterior walls. Some websites of paint manufacturers offer a freeware tool with which you can choose colors easier and faster. You may know the exact look of your house before painting the house. It can give you the preview of paint colors on your virtual house. Here’s how you can do it –

Previewing Color Schemes Prior To Painting

    Get the shot of home exterior by using a digital camera. Catch the photos of elevation from each angle. Save these photos in your hard drive with .jpg extension.
    Look for the website which is offering freeware for viewing the paint and applying the same on actual photos of your house. You may get free service from some sites. But there are some sites offer these services for a small amount of fee or require registration to use their tools or download photos.
    Upload the images of your house as per the directions given on your website. Some tools also provide a video demo of uploading photos and using them in the tool. To use their tools, make sure to disable pop-ups.
    Apply the color according to the directions given to your virtual house. With these tools, you may select and modify the palette of colors. Then you can choose the color and directly click on the surface where you want to paint that color.
    Before printing the results, save your projects and color palettes. You may save all your projects of exterior paint color.

Bottom Line
You may get paint color names and numbers from the websites of paint colors so that you can easily buy paint colors after or during viewing. You may have to register and give your basic details like email address and name in free website tools. Viewers can save and store color schemes for later reference.