Important Aspects While Choosing Colors for Bedroom Paint

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“I wonder if any element of interior design is more personal than color. Nothing can more quickly reveal aspect of personality and character than the choice – or absence – of color.”

– Van Day Truex, Interiors, Character, and Color

No matter how good your décor is, how expensive your paintings and tapestries are, until the wall paints color scheme relates to your personality, it will not add character to your interiors for you. Choice of colors for the interiors of your home is extremely personal and it surely is an expression of your inner-self.

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Colors give you a chance to bring out your choice beautifully and if you focus on them you will find you relate to some colors, you like some of them more, and u don’t feel happy seeing some. This is because colors have a cognitive as well as emotional impact on us. Some shades of certain colors excite us and make us feel peppy and energetic while others don’t make a difference to our state of mind, while yet others seem dull and boring.

This is precisely why the paint colors of bedroom should be carefully chosen depending on the personal choice and personality of the individual whom it belongs to. Some factors which should be kept in mind while planning the interiors of a bedroom are as follows:

• The first and foremost thing to remember while choosing colors is the preferences of the one who has to live in that room. The easiest way to know these is by directly asking the person. However, if the person cannot be reached, ask the planner about the age group of the person, i.e. toddlers, teens, adults, senior citizens etc.; profession of the one who is going to live in it, like a lawyer, a model, an artist, a singer, a chef, sports trainer, student, etc.; interests or hobbies like outdoor sports, indoor sports, craft, food, adventure, music, etc. this will give you an idea about the personality of the individual.

• Secondly, consider the fixed elements of the room like windowsills, door color and type of wood used, fans, lamps and chandeliers, tapestry, upholstery etc. These are the things which may not be changed and are important elements for a bedroom. A hue or shade of any color can be easily matched to these to create an appeal.

• Thirdly, while selecting the shade of the color make sure you see how well lit the room is. Light makes a lot of difference to the wall paints, for instance, if white light falls on white, it looks brighter, if the light in your room is dim and the shade of wall paint is also dark the interiors will look dull, however, if the room has sufficient natural light and lamps, the colors will look lively.

• Lastly the bedroom paints should be chosen to create harmony to match the insights you have collected above.

A well- painted room impacts your mood by making you calm or excited or happy depending on the color scheme you have selected, therefore, it is important to select it wisely.

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