Interior Colors That Speak For Your Taste

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There are three basic ways colors speak – neutral, active and passive. The colors of every room can easily be matched to your taste, desires and purpose of the room. Light colors are airy and capacious, making rooms look brighter and larger. On the other side, dark colors are warm and sophisticated as they add more intimate appearance to large rooms.

It improves energy levels of the room. In order to enhance excitement, especially at night, it is an ideal choice for your dining room and living room because it improves conversation and keeps people together. It adds strong impression in entryway. It is so intense that it raises your adrenaline rush unlike other hues.

It slows down heart rate, respiration and blood pressure and it is known as relaxing, calming and serene and is also recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms. If you look for light blue as main color, then add fabrics and furnishings of warm hues to balance it. Choose warmer blues like periwinkle to add relaxation in living rooms, family rooms or large kitchen or turquoise or warm blues. If you use it as main color, it can add calming effect in your room.

It spreads happiness and grabs the joy of sunshine. It is ideal color for dining rooms, kitchen and bathrooms to uplift your mood and energize you always. Yellow may become welcoming and capacious in small spaces like entrances. But it is not wise to use it as main color because babies are likely to cry more and people are more tend to lose temper in yellow room. But it is known to purify body and stimulate nerves in chromotherapy.

It is known to be most pleasant color for your eyes. By including freshness of blue and happiness of yellow, green becomes best suited for almost all rooms. Green cools people down in kitchen, and unwinds people and adds warmth to improve the feeling of togetherness and comfort in a living or family room. It relieves stress and is ideal option for bedroom. Most people prefer this as main color because of this quality.

In its darkest sense, Purple or eggplant is dramatic, rich and sophisticated color. It is related to creativity and lavishness and it is considered to be a secondary or accent color which adds a scheme depth. Lilac and lavender and bring in the restful part of color. Rather than feeling chilly, it does this work great.

It promotes enthusiasm, excitement as an energetic hue. Though it is not wise for bedrooms and living room, it is best for a workout room. It evokes all your emotions required on your fitness routine. Orange was known to improve energy levels and heal lungs in ancient cultures.

Neutral colors like brown, white, black and gray are basic colors which come in and go out from trend but their flexibility has their virtue. You may add these colors to make things come alive. You may reduce them to calm down the things. Black can be used as an accent in small doses. According to some experts, black is needed to add a depth.

Hence, there are interior colors that speak for your taste, and actually express your personal choice. It also enhance the mood you want to set for your home or office. So choose the interior wall colors wisely from a good brand so that you achieve the desired result.

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