Paint Colors For Bedrooms

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“Colors communicate with all our senses and speak a language which all of us understand.”
It often happens that when we enter a room we suddenly feel cozy and comfortable, while other rooms make us a little uncomfortable!

It is because of the ambience of the place, as soon as we see the colors in it, our eyes almost instantly send a stimuli to the brain, which interprets it according to our preference. This is when we sometimes instantly feel a particular room is comfortable and pleasant, or we feel the colors are not good and doesn’t suit the space.
One of the most important aspect of ambience of a room is color of walls. All other elements in it are chosen according to these wall paints to give a desired look to a space. Paint colors for bedrooms must be chosen very carefully because they are primarily responsible for creating a particular environment by giving a specific feel, mood and character to your bedroom.
The feel of a room refers to its touch, sensation, impression, sense, finish and atmosphere. Mood of a room refers to how we connect to the colors of the walls. Our preference determines the way a particular shade impacts our mood. Character of a room refers to its sense of appeal, charm and attractiveness, which pulls the onlookers attentions towards it. All this as a whole creates the environment of the place.
Bedroom wall colors should be meticulously chosen because it is a place where we spend the most personal time, it is the place where we retire to after a long day, and it is the place where we relax and enjoy and look forward to for mental peace and calm. They must suit the personality of the person whom the room belongs. Also, the bedroom paint should be chosen according to the following:
Kids Room: If it belongs to a little girl, you may choose soft shades of pink, red, green, or the ones she likes. The wall colors can have an effect on her behavior too, for instance, if she is over active, colors and the ambience of her room can relax her, they can help her calm down. However, if you choose loud colors like bright pink or fuchsia, it might over excite her. However, it is a good idea to use both bright and light colors in a balance. If you are deciding to paint your little boy’s room, you might want to choose shades of blue, red, black, brown etc. The colors impact the moods of kids, if the child is sober and doesn’t usually stay hyper active, you can use brighter shades, but if the kid is very active and restless, you may want to select sober shades which may have a calming effect.
Adult’s room: Paint for an adults room should also be selected according to his/her personality and personal preference. You should ask about the favorite colors and try to use them harmoniously. You can also use different shades of same color or smartly choose design from a suitable color scheme to bring in cohesiveness. While planning an adult’s bedroom, we must remember that it should reflect a level of maturity in what you choose.