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Planning Interiors for Bedroom Painting

Bedroom is that part of the house where you spend the most important time of your 24 hours which are personal and help you relax. This is where you keep all your belongings and items of comfort in order so that you don’t have to run around searching for things.

Most commonly the things in this private space include a cozy bed, a stylish dresser, wardrobe, lamps, bathroom door, windows and a balcony. This is where we spend most of our time relaxing and hence this is also most precious time. Therefore when we are planning interiors for our bedroom, we must keep all these essential details in mind:

SELECT COLORS THAT RELAX: Bedroom is the most important place for you so it is important to choose the right color scheme. Bedroom Paint Colors make a lot of impact on your mood, there are some which can calm you down when you are tired and there some which can excite you when you are feeling bored. Pertaining to individual differences, different shades have different impact on different people. Some people find white and its shades relaxing, and some feel shades of light blue are soothing and relaxing. Select the wall paints carefully because it is easy to change the other aspects of décor frequently but wall paints are usually change at least after a year.

CONSIDER THE SPACE: While selecting a wall paint, don’t forget to consider the size of the room. If the room is small and confined, try to avoid using dark colors as they might make the space look smaller and congested; and if the room is big enough to carry brighter and darker shades, make sure to use these in the right quantity. No matter how big the room is, sometimes excess of everything is bad. Therefore try to evaluate the “just right” amount of space where you can use bright shades and balance it with neutral or light colors.

FOCAL POINT: Bed is usually the focal point here. It can be used as an inspiration for the rest of the décor. The bedroom painting ideas look fabulous if this focal point is used properly. For instance, if the style of the bed is contemporary you can keep the same tone for the rest of the décor, enjoy chrome lamp shades, textured wall opposite to bed etc. However, if the bed has a bohemian or traditional style, you can keep the walls fawn or off white and get matching wall art done.

TRIMS AND WOODWORK: Do not overlook these aspects of your room else harmony will be compromised and everything will look misfit. If the room is small, you can paint these in the shade of the walls and camouflage these to make the space look bigger. If the room is big, you can interestingly use these aspect as a part of the style in any shade of wood you like.

NATURAL LIGHT: When light falls on the colors they usually behave differently. Bright shades look brighter and lighter ones glam up. Hence, if the space you are painting has a lot of natural light, use one shade lighter than what you intend to have finally. And for the light use white LED lights to make the walls look equally appealing.

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