Spectacular Ideas for Color Combinations in Different Environments

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Colors are the most exquisite forms of expressions of moods and emotions. Be it selecting colors for wedding or home, a lot of people have different ideas related to their favorite colors and incorporate these colors in their environments. Color combinations can set a specific mood and create interest. Colors can be pleasing aesthetically or can be combined to make a drastic change. When it comes to decoration with colors, you may want to start with a color you love or look for different color combinations for ideal setting. Whatever your decision is, you should have a look on the following interior painting ideas.

Painting Kids’ Bedroom

Selecting the paint color for bedroom of your kids can be a huge task. For most kids, wilder schemes are better. Since kids have their own color choices, you can still combine colors in a way without allowing them go far ahead with choices. You can select colors which are next with one another with the help of relevant color schemes on color wheel. For baby girl’s room, you can use color combinations of violet, fuchsia and blackberry. For boys, use blue-green or various shades of blue with dense forest green color.

Three colors are combined in triadic color schemes which might be relevant or not. A different color combination is patriotic theme which consists of white, blue and red. You can combine blue, red and yellow colors for playful, bright room to please young children.

On color wheel, select colors which are directly opposite to create contrasting color combinations. Such types of combinations are yellow and purple, blue and orange and red and green.

Painting Colors for Kitchen

You should take stable fixtures into consideration when it comes to selecting color combination to paint your kitchen. As an example, your kitchen appliances and cabinets may stay for long, but curtains and rugs can constantly be replaced.

For kitchen, a lot of people choose monochromic texture. After picking the main color, they add different color shades. This way, you can set a color you love and then look for relevant shades for accessories.

In looks, you can make all-white kitchen sterile. Pick pale blue color to accent white color. While keeping your cooking space bright, you can add light tan flooring to reduce cold, sterile texture of complete white kitchen. You can pick different shades of taupe, tan, white, black and gray for neutral color combinations.

Colors for Wedding

Several brides may like conventional color combinations. But a lot of brides have different a choice, especially when it comes to color schemes for making event more memorable and creating their own statement.

For a dramatic appearance, you can choose lime green and bright cherry and red for contrasting colors in a wedding. This way, bridesmaids can carry red flower bouquets decorated with lime green foliage, green orchids and ribbons, and wear red dresses. Instead of typical white linens, you can use cherry red linens to cover the tables. Arrange lime green orchids, red roses and mix with green tones. Also add lime green accessories and use contrasting colors like aqua and raspberry.

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