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How to Preview the Color Schemes before Painting

Color Preview

Suppose you have to decide the paint colors for exterior walls without heading to the paint store. Prior to dealing with the swatches of painting test on siding and heading to the paint store to buy paint colors, it is now possible to test large variety of colors for exterior

Interior Colors That Speak For Your Taste

Interior Colors

There are three basic ways colors speak – neutral, active and passive. The colors of every room can easily be matched to your taste, desires and purpose of the room. Light colors are airy and capacious, making rooms look brighter and larger. On the other side, dark colors are

Helpful Ideas for Painting in Textured Walls

Texture Paint Colors

Painting on textured walls is quite challenging but it comes with great opportunity to you and you can try out some of the faux techniques of painting, like glazing or color washing. To give proper interest and depth to your walls, you may emphasize the texture and make them weathered

Contemporary Color Schemes to Paint Your Interior Walls

When it comes to select a particular décor style in your living room, paint colors are said to be among the most decisive factors to consider. The colors you choose for your living room may change your mood and make you feel calm or stimulated and relaxed or energized. If

Living Room Colors – The Effect on Your Family and Guests

The paint colors for living room can make a drastic change on the look of your room and room décor. In fact, paint colors dramatically affect the outlook and mood of homeowner. Before painting the walls of your living room with fiery red color, make sure to learn few things

Tips to Select Paint Colors for Exterior Walls at Your Home

Paint Colors for Exterior Walls

Selecting a paint color for exterior walls at your home isn’t as easy as it seems. As a homeowner, you can’t even imagine the look your home will get after painting, especially when you wish significant changes in paint colors. In essence, you need to select many coordinating colors for

Helpful Tips to Match Paint Color for Interior Wall

Color for Interior Wall

With a bit of knowhow about paint colors and ideal tools, you are likely to find the perfect match for paint color of interior walls. First of all, you should clean walls to ensure viewing the real paint color. While comparing the sample colors or taking pictures, lighting is an

Top 10 Most Sought-After Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Being a personal sanctuary, your bedroom is a retreat which resembles a specific theme and often reflects your own personality. In any plan of design, the choice of color is the most important aspect. In your bedroom, giving too much attention on vivid hues may fail your efforts to create

The nucleus of the house- Living Room

Ideas to Decorate Living Room

Living room is the most indispensable part of the house since it is where you sit, relax and spend quality time with your family and friends. It’s a reflection of your inner self since this place is not meant for the outside world but for your own self, it is