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The decor styles that stayed

The driving forces of present day’s home design are dominated by two very simple factors: Freedom of expression and Personal style. Keeping both of them as the basis, a number of styles have been staying and leaving the home decor industry. While the industry saw a number of trends revolve around, four styles stood by the test of time and emerged as the most commonly chosen ones.

Here is all you need to know about each of them –

Formal Decor

When formal decor is talked about, our minds automatically drifts to fine hotels or period homes. The formal decor is also a space that is formal home decor livable and comfortable. Here’s how to identify this decor type –

  • Heavy window treatments, tall windows, large mirrors, and fireplaces are specially used in this kind.
  • To create the impression of a formal setting, both symmetry and lines are used heavily.
  • The furniture are normally arranged in straight lines in the room also in some cases, accessories and furniture are organized in pairs.
  • Cloth are used on walls to beautify them.
  • The mirrors, floors, furniture, and light fixtures’ surfaces are normally polished to have a bright shine and high shine.
  • The bedspreads, couches, pillows, and window treatments’ fabrics are of a luxurious and rich design and material.
  • The heavy use of oil paintings, rugs, and crystal chandeliers are commonly seen in a formal decor.

Contemporary decor

If you are thinking of a style, which can be categorized as the simplest of all the decors and the one that conveys a feeling of simplicity, it is contemporary decor type. The style is mostly distinguished by a heavy use of earthy and neutral color shade.

  • This style uses a very distinctive outline, geometric shapes, linear patterns, and uses black as primary base.
  • In this decor kind there is a natural color platter that includes whites, greys, earthy green, nature’s browns etc.
  • The contemporary furniture is distinguished by fast and clean lines made on a leather or smooth fabric base.
  • Metallic lights are normally the USP of this kind.

Casual decor

 If you are looking for the best decor type that will suit your working family members, the style that you should be looking at is Casual Decor. This particular home decor type is considered very inviting and extremely easy to manage.

  • This style generally uses textured patterns and soft fabrics for furnishings.
  • There will be rectangular shapes and gentle curves instead of the perfect symmetry, which is never there in this style
  • Furniture is always arranged in diagonal shapes.
  • Floors are mostly wooden.
  • The lighting fixture are mostly a mixture of iron, steel, and glass.

Rustic decor

 If you are looking forward to creating an environment of warmth and unique texture in your home this type will probably interest you. Rustic decor offers a perfect blend of charm, sophistication, and trend to any house.

  • A fireplace full of polished logs embellished with an antique finish is the characteristic feature of this type.
  • Furniture in this type are known for their textures and only some pieces are put in the room.
  • The cushions and pillows are essential and they are mostly in copper, rust, or burgundy color.
  • Rustic decor is also characterized by oak dining, garden benches and ladder-back chairs.
  • Paintings in this type are mostly that of landscapes and fruits.

Now that you know how to distinguish each decor type, it is time for you to choose what suits your requirements. If all of this seems too overwhelming for you, there is always an option to modify your home with a mix of elements falling in one or either of these decor types.

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