The nucleus of the house- Living Room

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Living room is the most indispensable part of the house since it is where you sit, relax and spend quality time with your family and friends. It’s a reflection of your inner self since this place is not meant for the outside world but for your own self, it is the place of your peace and tranquility. Special care should be taken while deciding the color scheme, furniture design and overall layout of the room because everything makes a huge impact in your overall experience of living.
There are plenty of ideas that can help you achieve that perfect look for your living room. However, there some important things you should keep in your mind:

The Color Scheme: Color of the room is the expression of your own self. You can choose it to be cool, warm, traditional, modern, mix or anything you desire but remember that the color you choose will set the mood of the house since everyone would be spending most of their day’s time in this room. You can always ask your interior designer for living room paint ideas or can search the internet to learn about various color schemes and design.
While choosing the color scheme and paint for the house, one should give preference to paint that is low on Volatile Organic Content (VOC). VOC are the gases released from paint after drying, since you and your family would be spending a considerable amount of time in this room, you would not want the room to emit harmful gases which are not good for health. Check online for paint companies selling paints that are within the permissible limits of VOC as per the guidelines of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

Furniture: Since this room remains most active throughout the day, choosing the right type of furniture is very crucial. Some people like to keep it stylish and modern while some choose to go for more authentic furnishings. One should keep in mind is that there should be enough furniture so that everyone can sit while ensuring that room is not chocked by abundance of it.

Lighting: It is important to keep the room bright and vibrant. No matter what color scheme you choose or what furniture you keep in your room, you need right amount of light to bring out the best of it. Moreover, low amount of illumination exerts higher pressure on eyesight and could impair it for life.

Entertainment: Most people require some or the other source of entertainment to spend their leisure time. Since it’s all about bonding with everyone, you should choose the medium which gives you pleasure and allows you to involve your guests or family members in it as well. Some people prefer to watch television while others like to build a library for themselves in their living room.

Living room is the epicenter of the house around which all the activities takes place. The houses that do not have a drawing room use this room to welcome their guests, those who do not have a dining room use it to enjoy a meal together and kids love to spend their entire time playing around in this room. So make sure you keep your living room tidy and well maintained.

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