Tips to Select Paint Colors for Exterior Walls at Your Home

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Selecting a paint color for exterior walls at your home isn’t as easy as it seems. As a homeowner, you can’t even imagine the look your home will get after painting, especially when you wish significant changes in paint colors. In essence, you need to select many coordinating colors for exterior paint while choosing it for your house like those which are required for shutters, doors and trim. Keep reading some important points that will ease your work while selecting the paint color for exterior walls at your home.

    First of all, keep in mind the number of paint colors you are going to handpick. Sometimes, contemporary homes don’t need painting because they have windows with metal framing. But there are attics on them which may require paint of bright colors on the sides. If you have to paint shutters or window trim, first decide the number of colors that you thing to be matched with. Homeowners basically use same color to paint exterior siding and use another color for exterior trim and third color to paint their exterior doors and shutters. For exterior trim, off-white or white is widely painted color for making a contrasting and appealing look.
    Now it’s time to select colors for trim paint or siding paint which can be mixed better with brick and give a beautiful classy look. If you have bricked exterior walls, then trim paint is best choice because it mixes with mortar better. Also choose color for your roof. Be sure to choose exterior home painting color that can mix better with it.
    Start looking for exterior paint colors. You may visit nearest home improvement center or paint store and have a view at the brochures. You may find color combinations of exterior wall coating which look great with each other. They shall also be categorized between modern and traditional color options.
    Drive along your locality and notice the look of other homes which are quite similar in looks and designed in same style and painted with the colors you love. This is the ideal way to select exterior paint colors. In order to choose paint colors, you may match the colors with a color deck.
    Software program is also available on which you can upload a picture of your home exterior and interior and experiment with different colors. This software program is offered by some paint manufacturers for free.
    Try a sample of exterior paint on the walls of your house. Paint a big area where you can get a better insight of the look of walls after painting. Make sure to allow it to dry for several days because shades of paint slightly change. The paint might be a bit darker or lighter, according to color

Bottom Line
When choosing paint color for exterior wall, you may be offered with a well-known color combination that basically covers black shutters, siding color, white trim and contrasting color or black color for front door. Then sidings are painted to accommodate the trim.