Top 10 Most Sought-After Paint Colors for Bedrooms

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Being a personal sanctuary, your bedroom is a retreat which resembles a specific theme and often reflects your own personality. In any plan of design, the choice of color is the most important aspect. In your bedroom, giving too much attention on vivid hues may fail your efforts to create a sense of decompression and relaxation. According to several interior designers, the bedroom colors should be neutral and soft. They should be cool and soothing and can enhance or add a feel of recovery and recreation. By keeping this fact in mind, here are some best color choices for your bedroom.

Natural Greens
Coupled specifically with blue shades, green is said to be a classic hue which represents proper growth and good health. For walls, light green colors are best choice. For bedding, it is better to have white intense emeralds.

Earthy Browns
Earthy greenish browns resemble natural feeling and creates the feel of exotic scenery in bedroom designs. You can feel yourself in the state of bliss and rejuvenated with natural hues. Your bedroom will induce these natural feelings.

Hot Pink
This is the paint color which is not entirely for preteens’ rooms. Pink has got new status of glamor and sophistication. Coupled with white shades, warm hot pink color can give a happy, young and contemporary feel to your bedroom.

Silvery Blue
Blue symbolizes fluidity and aquatic beauty as a soothing color. Though it is a conventional option in a color palette for a bedroom, it is updated naturally when you couple it with bark brown or nautical white. To add luxury in a design plan, silvery blue is a stylish option.

Lavenders and pastel colors like purples are known to be very calming and soothing and can nurture peace of mind and relaxation.

Vivid Gold
In bedroom interiors, including curtains, chandeliers, comforters and satin pillows, you can add a great dose of gold to resemble Hollywood regency. This color can represent both historical and modern trends with a feel of lavishness.

Buttery Yellow
Especially in guest room, buttery soft yellow color is quite neutral and cheerful. With shabby chick or country design scheme, yellow complements at its best.

Rose Red
In recent days, rose red has witnessed immense demand as it adds the feel of romance in your bedroom. It is feminine and opulent choice which gives timeless feel and attraction to your room.

With no worries of color clattering, you can rotate your décor frequently and decorate your bedroom freely with neutral tones. It mostly happen that color splashes are found in artwork, bold bedding and various other areas when you keep the walls neutral. Though beige is widely criticized as dull and boring color, it still enjoys enduring popularity. Beige is still one of the most sought-after paint colors for bedroom.

In order to get ultra-sophisticated look in the bedroom, one modern choice of color is gray. In design circles, gray is said to be the “new neutral” color and it is usually selected with warmer undertones and coupled basically with vivid accent tones and trim colors.

This is how you can set the right disposition for your personal space so that when you spend your personal time in your bedroom, you are most comfortable and calm. This can help you be yourself and create a world of your own where everything suits your own personality and preferences.

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