Wall Paints Can Make You Happy

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Colors not only create a specific aura around you, they are also suggestive of a mood which slides through your eyes to reach your heart and give birth to various feelings and states of mind. This is why they are believed to have been created by God himself and showered on earth as a blessing.
For all of us, home is the heaven and we wish to use different colors in different parts of the house to make it livelier and serve the purpose in a more interactive way, as color speak their own language and convey a deep meaning only an onlooker can comprehend.

When it comes to selecting colors of interior wall paints, you must keep in mind, the mood you wish to set in your room. There are several colors and combinations, responsible for creating specific emotions, i.e. different colors have different effects on our minds. For instance, you may feel comfortable, energized, happy, cool, and calm or relaxed according to the color you have painted on your bedroom or kitchen walls. Just the way every individual has different preferences of colors and their shades, even the color effect varies from one individual to another. It is not important that everyone has similar choices of colors to make them feel calm, excited, enthusiastic, relaxed etc.

Blue is the color of peace, refreshment and tranquility. This way, blue gives a soothing affects and makes people composed and calm. Due to this reason, many people paint blue color in their bedroom. It may perhaps make you feel like you are under an exotic sky or ocean. For those who wish to feel active and energetic, blue is the best choice. It makes almost everyone feel content and ‘at peace’ which is why, it comes in the category of “cool colors”. You may combine several colors with this color. With lighter shade, be sure to have darker blue colored shade. With any blue shade, you may add tan. However, you should paint this color on the wall on which proper natural sunlight and heat do not fall. With light or turquoise blue, you can add dark or medium brown shade. With pale blue, it would be nice to add light green color. Keep matching brown, tan and blue shades to have more antagonistic palette.

In order to make the homeowner feel warm, comfortable, secure and cozy, brown can be a great color as it can keep you calm. This neutral color is among the natural colors of earth. In order to complement this color, you can add various other colors. Earthy colors like medium and dark brown and light tan colors give virtually great appearance in any room. Unless you make your bedroom or drawing room brighter, keep applying the lighter shade. You can add any shade and some of best choices are beige, green, red, blue, orange and rust.

In bedrooms, one of the most sought-after choices is green. This is so because it give a feeling of spaciousness and peace. Green is truly related to nature. For those who love to spend most of their time in the lap of nature, green is said to be the best choice of colors. It is also considered a color of fertility and progress in various mythologies and cultures. If you are going for green color, keep in mind that darker shades are more expensive and more complex to paint as compared to lighter shades. In short, you should avoid “limey” shades of greens.

Pink is the color to make anyone feel warm and soothing. Pink is the color related to romance and is considered to be a girly or a feminine color. For both bathrooms and bedrooms, it is a nice choice. For dining and living rooms, most people choose bright raspberry and other deeper pink shades. They are also best choice for bathrooms and bedrooms. You can match any pink shade with pale green. You may add bright pink with shades of navy blue if you want bold colors. You can pair pink with white which is also a good combination.

No matter what color you choose, it will surely sing its own symphony and communicate with your heart so that you can connect with home to enhance the sense of belonging. Painting your room is like painting your heart with beautiful emotions, so go ahead and set the mood of your little heaven on earth.